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Offline map and trail guide for the Banks Vernonia State Trail in Oregon.

Fully interactive map complete with entire trail by segment between official parking areas, GPS location, and elevation profiles.

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Banks Vernonia State Trail

The Banks–Vernonia State Trail is a paved trail and state park in Northwest Oregon and a popular biking, hiking, and horseback riding destination. It runs for 21 miles (34 km), primarily north–south, between the towns of Vernonia in Columbia County and Banks in Washington County on an abandoned railroad bed. Banks is about 25 miles (40 km) west of Portland.

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No Network? No Problem!

Cell phone coverage along the Banks Vernonia State Trail is spotty. Our app solves this problem! Once the map is downloaded, you’re free to explore the entire trail without a network connection and always know exactly where you are.


Know Where You Are!

Even without a cellular connection, the app is fully GPS-enabled*. You’ll always know where you are in the park.

Banks Vernonia App


  • Simple, easy-to-use interface.
  • Fully interactive offline map.
  • GPS location shown on map.
  • Navigate the trail in its entirety.
  • Turn trail segments on/off
  • Interactive elevation profiles.
  • Trail segment lengths.
  • Parking locations shown on map.
  • Get driving directions for parking locations
  • General park information.